1. Testing out gear and editing stuff before next big oils project, which I’m planning to record working on.  The end result is distinctly average but I love a good timelapse.

  2. I’ve been looking at this piece of canvas with a rough sketch on it for months now, finally cracked and accepted the fact that there aren’t enough hours of natural light in this room during the winter to do it how I’d like, so spent an hour and a half seeing how quickly I could manage.  Could be worse, although I may come back and fix the eyes/mouth at a later date, when the sun isn’t blinding my right hand side.

    Loosely based on a sketch of Will Self I took at a reading last year.

  3. Much earlier this year I shared a table seat on the train up north with the lovely Celia Imrie.  I’d been to see La Boheme at the ENO that afternoon and was sketching up a few things, and she was very kind about my drawings.  So, naturally, I got scribbling again later in the evening.

    Have been reading her autobiography lately, and am a little smitten.

  4. Been listening to The Life Of The World To Come a lot recently, and someone sent us a notebook at work, so I christened it with a bit of Darnielle.

    I don’t think I’ve drawn anyone under 50 in at least a year, it’s quite a  pleasant change, as it goes.

  5. Going through my files.  A very early (left, obviously) and fairly recent (right) sketch of Jonathan Miller.  The first is the one I drew on the tube which was then claimed by this lovely lady and eventually became this painting after many, many more attempts.

  6. I have absolutely no memory of drawing this, and I haven’t dated it, but here’s a scribbly Peter Cook.

  7. Haven’t updated in a while due to dead camera battery.  Here’s a rather wonky first attempt at a likeness of Tony Bourdain for Sandall73.  My ink started to run out when I hit the mouth, if I remember rightly.

  8. Jonathan Miller, 2013.

  9. John Cooper Clarke, 53 Degrees, Preston, 2013.

  10. Portrait of Jonathan Miller, August 2013.